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Friday, January 17, 2014

Simple Tips for JuiceAholics!

Most people know that Juicing is great for you. If you haven’t tried it you’re missing out on many delicious and nutritious recipes that you could make in your own home. However, the challenge comes in when trying to follow a specific juicing regimen on a long term basis. Cost and time are factors to consider for most avid juicers. Here are some simple tips to extract all the benefits from your juicing program. First, try to find bargain produce. Organic produce is supposedly good and pesticide free. However you could find some great bargains by shopping around at different markets in your area. Don’t get tempted to do all your produce shopping at once. Look for out for the quality items and if needed compare prices using a list. Once you buy your selected items, you want to determine what could be done to store them for the longer term. I normally try to extract enough juice to fill one whole container and then use a small portion daily. I then dilute that portion, blend it with water and add some frozen fruits to make an excellent tasting smoothie. Freezing bananas and other fruits will enhance your juice by giving them better texture and taste. The Freezing method is especially cost effective if you’re buying high quality items by the bunch. You will need some plastic bags or some air tight containers to store your produce and prevent freezer burn. That’s basically it. By following these two tips you will save time by juicing more efficiently and save money by knowing which items could be stored for longer term. I will post a short video of how I prepare my daily smoothies which save me time and money.

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